Taxidermy Trophy Care Info

Kline's Taxidermy Tips for Trophy CareIn general, most mounts require very little maintenance. Some do's and don'ts follow.


Do not place or hang a mount near a direct heat source such as a fireplace or a stove. This can cause the hide to crack. The extreme heat can dry the skin of a fish, deer, etc. Hanging any mount in direct sunlight can bleach the hair and paint. This will reduce the life of your mount.

Do not hang a mount in a damp, musty area. It can cause a mount to rehydrate causing it to fail.

Do not spray a mount with Pledge Cleaner


Do clean your mount regular with a static duster

Do place your mount in any room with a near constant temperature and humidity and it should last a lifetime.


Most mounts can be cleaned simply with a static duster. Simply wipe with the hair to dust it off. For antlers, spray ArmorAll on a dusting cloth and wipe over them to bring back the luster and help keep them from drying out. Do not spray them directly with ArmorAll. If it gets on the hair, it could damage it.

To clean the eye use a dampened q-tips very lightly in the eye area. Do not touch the painted area around the eye.

Fish can be cleaned gently with a static duster.

For life-sized mounts, call for directions. Cleaning techniques vary by species.

Any questions feel free to call. We are always happy to help out our customers!